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Making Sure Your Wall Stickers Final The Longest Time

Making Sure Your Wall Stickers Final The Longest Time

How you can make wall stickers stay on the wall for the longest time?

This article about wall stickers is definitely not about wall stickers at all. This text is about paint, cleansing and temperature! Yes, it is all concerning the preparation.

Once you purchase a wall sticker you're wasting your cash IF you haven't checked your surface, haven't prepared the surface and read the instructions carefully.

Wall sticker companies sell you a product that principally will apply and look great. BUT how long will this sticker look great depends totally on the paint, the surface and the exposure. It does additionally depend on the quality of the wall sticker but we will save that explanation for an additional article.

On this article we are going to discuss paint, cleansing and temperature.


In short, you wish to have an interior acrylic paint, not an oil based paint. The paint cannot have any Teflon or silicon properties in it as stickers is not going to stick. And the paint have to be cured for three weeks before making use of wall decals.

The opposite factor is paint methods. If you happen to use a furry roller to paint the surface, the paint will come off the hairs leaving little factors and a comparatively textured surface which isn't ultimate for wall decals.

If you are planning to use wall decals to the wall, then ensure a easy painted finish is achieved.

After you have a dry, clean, painted Wall art you MUST observe the following step.


That is typically the forgotten step, or if not forgotten it is poorly executed.

In order for you your wall stickers to last a long time, then cleaning the surface as detailed within the article could be very important.

Painted walls will gather dust, air contaminants and sometimes grease which lightly lands on the contours and attaches itself to the surface. So you probably think giving it a light dust might be enough.

In the event you apply wall stickers to a surface with a contaminant it would look great for per week, a month and even a number of months, however after time, that contaminant will affect the adhesive qualities and the decal will begin to lift. Usually this begins at the edges. (Word this is also because of the standard of the decal and you may read about that in our next article).

TO CLEAN WALLS: Don't use household cleansing products which may include silicones to replicate dust because they may repel the wall decal as well.

Use a soapy detergent (baby shampoo is sweet) or something with none solvents added and cleaning soap the realm that the wall decal might be applied. Dry totally and double check to make sure that there is not foreign matter on the wall.

FOR GLASS: Do not use window cleaning merchandise as they contain silicones. Use a hot soapy mix and wash the window. Run a blade or metal ruler over the surface to get any overseas matter off. We like to finish with a dampened piece of newspaper to dry off the surface.


Wall stickers are finest utilized at just the best temperature. Too cold and the lifetime of the wall sticker will likely be shortened, too hot and the wall decal can be not possible to use and the transfer tape will in all probability wrinkle during utility making it very hard to apply.

The optimum temperature for applying wall decals is 18 to 25C. This means the air temperature and in addition the surface temperature.

Don't apply window decals to glass throughout a interval of direct sunlight. Apply when the glass is in shade. Once utilized it is okay for the stickers to be in direct sunlight, just not throughout utility because it makes it very difficult.


The application of wall stickers and their longevity of life shall be enormously affected by proper surface preparation and cleaning.

Be patient and take the time to correctly prepare your surface for wall decals, and it will make the difference between a mediocre utility and an expert application.


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