Liquid waterproofing membrane
Bituminous coating/ membrane
 Polyurethane liquid membrane
Greenroof Waterproofing
PVC Waterstop installation

The Right Waterproofing Solutions, For Any Construction Project.

From large construction projects, to private residential homes, we offer a wide range of services ranging from pre-applied or post applied waterproofing systems on rooftops, basement. balconies and podium decks.

When we talk about waterproofing we are referring to the use of products and processes for the exclusion or management of penetrating free water in buildings or structures, above and below ground level. H&M offers cementitious-based solutions combined with high quality workmanship, this will ensure strong water / damp proofing which will last for years to come.

We provide waterproofing systems for many different buildings and structures including basements, cellars, vaults, water tanks, reservoirs, bridges, terraces, balconies, podium decks, walkways, plant rooms, car parks, roofs, green roofs, swimming pools, lift pits, tunnels and retaining walls. If it is experience and reliability you’re looking for, you have found the right company.

The choice of waterproofing materials currently available in the market place is vast. Customers can however be assured that we only work using materials from manufacturers we trust. The materials and processes we specify are matched to the waterproofing application and we are not bound by any single type of product, process or manufacturer.

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